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Do you suffer from:

Back or Neck pain?


Busy lifestyle?

Long term injuries?

Massage can help you!

Massage therapy greatly benefits those with a stressful and busy life as well as alleviate aches and pains either from work or recreation. Massage particularly helps with any physical conditions that impacts your musculoskeletal foundation of the body. Whether you have acing feet, a sore hip or a tight back, thorough full body treatment is ideal as each area of your body impacts the rest. 

Do not wait until you are suffering – a good offense is the best defence against injury, aches, and pains. Additionally, regular massage maintenance will increase your overall sense of wellbeing for optimum physical and mental health, helping you to live life to the fullest.  

Gift Certificate

No Health Fund assistance


These may be picked up from the office, emailed or posted.

If you have been blessed with a Massage Gift Certificate, this can be used for a relaxation massage or for injury or ongoing muscle issues.

Therapeutic Massages 

No Health Fund assistance

These can be a light relaxing massage, however most prefer a medium to firm pressure to thoroughly stretch the muscles and leave them feeling relaxed for long after you leave the table.

Therapeutic Massage can help with circulation, headaches, muscular tension and stress.

Remedial Massages

Recognised by most Health Funds

Remedial Massage focuses on releasing the chronic patterns of tension in the body often addressing  specific problems associated with injury rehabilitation, sporting and occupational injuries, RSI, chronic muscular pain, and physical and mental fatigue.

Techniques can include trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage and stretching - thereby creating an improved range of motion throughout the joints.

Hot Stone Massages

No Health Fund assistance

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated basalt stones as an extension of their own hands.

By placing them on the body, the heat can be both deeply relaxing and help to warm up tight muscles, which allows the therapists to work deeper into the muscles.

Massage Prices

30 minute           $ 50.00

45 minute           $ 65.00

60 minute           $ 80.00

90 minute           $110.00

20 min child to 12yr $40.00

$5.00 OFF for Seniors and Students

Hot Stone 

60 Minute          $ 95.00

90 Minute          $125.00

Our Studio

Our Name:  Riverside Massage draws its inspiration from my favorite book.
There is a description of the river besides which grows trees, 'and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.'
Come and experience a great massage from one of our Massage Therapists, Blessings Rozlyn x

Our Massages

Our therapists are trained in various types of massage, that range from a lighter, gentle relaxation massage, to a firmer deep tissue. Your therapist will communicate with you, in order to create a massage that works for you. Results with massage can vary depending on a number or factors... How long you’ve had the particular complaint and how long since your last massage. Most of us put up with a fair bit of pain for way too long. We have what we call ‘normal aches and pains’ and that varies from person to person, we only go looking for help when that becomes more than we’re used to. It is unrealistic to think that tension built up over a number of years can be relieved in one hour. You will likely need to have a few sessions to relieve well established tight and knotted muscles. Regular Massage visits help keep you maintained in a pain free body. It’s important to drink plenty of water after a massage session to help eliminate toxins from the body. Please note that this studio is a professional non-sexual practice.

Our Neighbours

Riverside Massage works alongside Kallangur Chiropractic and V8 Fitness Australia, we use and recommend these teams as part of your self care.

Kallangur Chiropractic

Dr Carmen Donald
Dr Peter Collins

Following in the 35 year history of Kallangur Chiropractic Clinic, our chiropractors are dedicated to serving the local community and surrounding areas. We are a family practice and treat people of  all ages.



V8 Fitness Australia

Personal Training

Stephen Dunn

Stephen has over 10 years experience in the fitness industry. He is highly proficient at structuring training programs that aim to help clients achieve their goals. V8 Fitness Australia is a fully equipped personal training studio in Kallangur.


0434 977 642


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